One of my milk ads is on permanent display at the Smithsonian Institution. Not bad for a kid from Sayreville, NJ.

Bernie Hogya
        In order to create iconic advertising like the Milk Mustache Campaign, several stars need to be perfectly aligned.
        You need a great assignment, a great idea, and a great client.
        I was lucky enough to have all of them when I was asked to help sell the benefits of milk to an American audience that was quickly losing its taste for the nutrient-packed beverage.
        I art directed or supervised just about every ad in the Milk Mustache Campaign.
        After rubbing shoulders with the likes of movie stars, sports legends, and supermodels, I remain the same simple, humble unaffected ad guy that started out in this business with a dream to do great work.
        The only exception being that I now wear a pair of sunglasses indoors every now and then and call co-workers, “Babe.”
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Milk Ad Man

Behind-the-scenes stories of your favorite milk mustache ads with rare never-before-seen photos of your favorite celebrities.

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Bernie Hogya

I’m an award-winning Art Director/Creative Director with lots of advertising campaigns under my belt for a wide range of clients.

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What people say?

An iconic piece of pop culture. Everyone (and I mean everyone) was featured with the infamous white milk mustache.

Katie Martinez, The Best Advertising Campaigns Ever

What people say?

The ads have become a pop-culture staple, collected by fans and endlessly spoofed.

Judith Forman, The Baltimore Sun

What people say?

One of the ten best campaigns of the decade.

Stuart Elliott, The New York Times

What people say?

The award-winning milk mustache advertising campaign is so memorable because the ads violate consumers’ schemas of what sophisticated athletes, actresses, and other celebrities should look like.

John C. Mowen, Consumer Behavior

What people say?

Americans are buying more milk for the first time in 25 years. And it's most likely because of the celebrity-studded milk mustache advertising campaign.

Carole Sugarman, The Washington Post

What people say?

They managed to take a pretty standard, boring product (milk) and make it really compelling through the use of famous athletes, entertainers, and celebrities, all wearing milk mustaches.

Kelly McDonald, How to Market to People Not Like You

What people say?

The ’90s brought us new boy bands, “Friends,” and celebrity-filled Got Milk? ads that we used to collage our notebooks and bulletin boards.

Laura Marie Meyers, PopSugar

What people say?

Milk consumption went up among U.S. women, and milk has become “cool.”

Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, The Rhetorical Act


The Milk Mustache Campaign would not have been possible without the help of hundreds of talented people—clients, copywriters, art directors, account management teams, production managers, producers, photographers and artists. This list is an attempt to give credit where credit is due: Miranda Abney, Edie Adams, Ruven Afandor, Brian Ahern, Kwaku Alston, Jamie Applebaum, Anthony Arena, Danielle Barish, Gene Bartley, Steve Bauer, David Bell, William Bell, Jay Benjamin, Tom Bernardin, Liz Birch, Michelle Borgese, Brent Bouchez, Kevin Brady, Kevin Brucato, Burger King, Julie Buric, C3 Entertainment, Cathy Calhoun, Cartoon Network, Soo Mean Chang, Mark Chmiel, Seymore Chwast, Danny Clinch, Amy Colton, Colin Cooke, Richard Corman, Gabor Csupo, Craig Cutler, Jim Davis, DC Comics, Charles Decker, Ken DeLeon, Madhu Dhas, Andy DiLallo, Greg DiNoto, Sante D'Orazio, Joan Dufresne, Andrew Eccles, Brian Enright, Gary Feldman, Steve Feldman, Michael Fetsko, Erica Fite, Dave Franco, Bruce Frisch, Peter Gardiner, Paul Germain, Vivien Godfrey, Adam Goldfarb, Lori Goldstein, Vicky Gonzalez, Emily Goodwin, Kurt Graetzer, John Graney, Tony Granger, Rich Greco, Michael Grecco, Kathi Gulotta, Marc Guttesman, Amber Hahn, Melissa Hall, Tim Hancock, James Hedges, Porky Hefer, Amy Heinemann, Steve Hellerstein, Janet Helm, Henson, Katie Herniman, Sally Hershberger, Shena Hickman, Stephen Hillenburg, Dave Holloway, Amy Houston, Walter Iooss Jr., Jan Jacobs, Elandria Jackson, Hillary Jackson, Julia Kadison, Rich Kalopeaua, Nadav Kander, Jill Kauffman, Dan Kendall, Lilian Kennedy, Alison Kiczek, Douglas Kirkland, Arlene Klasky, Steven Klein, Megan Klementik, Andrew Krause, Andy Kubert, David LaChapelle, Jonathan Lange, Alex Lea, Annie Leibovitz, Rich Levy, Melissa Lin, Ken Linkletter, Matt Groening, David Lloyd, Amber Logan, Brian Logan, Amy Low, Elizabeth Maertens, Maggi Machado, Christine Mammes, Jennifer Mantz-Gold, Marvel Comics, Michelle Mascena, Tom Mason, Ken McCarren, Craig McCracken, Corinne McGarrity, Rachel McMahon, Shannon McQuillan, Maggie Meade, Kim Meehan, McDonalds Corporation, Michelle Milano, Tom Millar, Matt Mitovich, Lori Modugno, Margaret Moore, Katie Moslak, Alan Moy, Matt Moyer, Michael Muller, Stan Musilek, Tom Nagle, National Football League, Nancy Nichols, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, David Nobay, Helen O'Neill, Paramount Pictures, Raul Pardo, Susan Pecha, Charles D. Peebler Jr., Chris Perdue, Joanne Petrocine, Stephanie Price, Teresa Rad, Vickie Ranazzi, Rankin, Michael Rhome, Kikke Riedel, Jaclyn Rink Crowley, Chip Rich, Kikke Riedel, Kristen Rincavage, Herb Ritts, Judy Robinson, Roy Robinson, Matthew Rolston, Rob Rooney, Deb Rosenberg, Steve Rosner, Francois Rousseau, Isabelle Rousseau, Norman Jean Roy, Marc Royce, Luis Sanchis, Kristen Santoro, F. Scott Schafer, Becca Schepps, Josh Schildkraut, Alisa Schindler, Michael Schlachter, Florian Schneider, Ann Schoell, Martin Schoeller, Jay Schulberg, Charles Schulz, Mark Seliger, Carlos Serrao, Molly Sheahan, Maggie Rae Shepard, Peggy Sirota, James Smolka, Tony Spangler, Andy Spreitzer, Meryl Stebel, Norman Stewart, Danielle Stollman, Ellen Stone, Deborah Stotzky, Melanie Strah, Valerie Strenk, Lisa Stroh, Linda Swanson, John Szalay, Bob Taber, Sal Taibi, Connie Tipton, E. Linwood Tipton, Brian Tawlks, Twentieth Century Fox, Joan Ujazdowski, Ethel Uy, Heather Vasilik, Viacom International, Emily Vickers, Ron Wachino, Sacha Waldman, Rusty Wakelin, Nataly Wang, Andy Warhol Foundation For The Visual Arts, Joanna Wexler, James White, Timothy White, Hugh Williams, Todd Woodward, Peter Yang, Victor Zaborsky and Holly Zierk.